Welcome to the website of Work Wise

It is our mission to guide individuals, teams and organizations with transitions and to harvest their talents.

We are happy to support you with more than 20 years experience in taking the next step.



Welcome to the website of Work Wise.

Work Wise enables you to take the next step. The next step can have multiple focal points: in your career, in your personal and professional development, with your team and with the organization you might be responsible for.

We support you in using all the strategies possible in developing your talents and potential.









This industry-leading personality assessment tool has been widely used for well over 50 years to facilitate team building, executive coaching, leadership development, career and talent management as well as interpersonal conflict resolution.

The Birkman is available in 17 languages a.o. Dutch, English, Chinese, Turkish and Russian. next


Talent development

How do you build a climate in which people can constantly learn and develop their talents and can contribute to the growth of the organisation?


Team coaching

We assist existing and new teams with expanding their business, enhancing the communication, resolving struggles, dealing with diversity, (re) gaining new energy for innovation.

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